Is Zimmerman behind the Jumpman Lane Avatar?

We were on this phony’s heels by mid February. We caught him red handed using to create a fake following on Twitter. He wanted everyone to think he was so important! Then his last post on February 22nd left us to wonder why he stopped posting. The toon-porn-trash magazine he hides behind has yet to produce a new issue despite many failed attempts at a come back.

On February 26th Travon Martin was shot by George Zimmerman in Sanford, Florida. Jumpman Lane was confirmed to be from Florida by some nutjobs on a forum ( when the forum admin gave up multiple ip addresses Jumpman Lane had posted from before being banned for making threats of violence against some posters on the website.

We know enough about Jumpman Lane to know that he smells of Elderberries. His rapid dog of a personality sure fits and his displaced anger makes him very obvious. We wonder if George Zimmerman was in Second Life. If so, did he have an avatar named Jumpman Lane? If so that explains Jumpman “Lame’s” absence from Twitter, Second Life, and his cobweb covered blog.