Staying Safe

This blog was made not just to encourage people to report these fake profiles to Facebook, but to give Facebook users and their families a place to educate themselves about Second Life avatars and why they should be cautious.  If someone friends you on Facebook and the name is not familiar, try searching the name on the W-HAT database. The W-HAT database contains unique identifying numbers for each avatar in Second Life (they call these avatar keys – its kind of like your social security number if you live in the U.S.).  Sometimes if a avatar is new it wont be in that database yet.

If the avatar has a key there, it is a Second Life person who probably is not using their real name.  I say probably because Second Life I am told gives people their names for $100 USD to use in the game if they want if they make a request for it and pay the money.  So you can see the avatars profile for Second Life by taking that key and putting it at the end of this website url

So for example the avatar named Timeless Prototype has a key in the W-HAT database.

That avatar key is 8efecbac-35de-4f40-89c1-2c772b83cafa

Now you can look here at this website.  See how the avatar key is added to the end…

That’s a Second Life avatar!  That person who you searched for is using a fake name to communicate with you on Facebook (or whatever site you could be using).  It’s no different than making up a name when you play the Sims, WOW, Eve Online, or any other game and using that name as your own like it’s really your name.  Here’s some things to keep in your mind:

  • The real names of these avatars is known by Linden Lab (the owners of Second Life).  When they sign up they have to give that information.  But that doesnt mean they will be honest.  Some accounts are verified with credit cards and a 2rd party verification service too.  But you have no way to tell who is or not.  If they send a screenshot of something that looks like a screen that says they are verified, dont be quick to believe what you see.
  • If you get asked to send money in Paypal for something by someone with an avatar name, just remember that they can have their account deleted and if you dont get your service or your products they sold to you, you may not be able to contact them ever again.
  • Remember some of these people spend all day online finding ways to make more money. Dont be a sucker.
  • Remember that these people are hiding behind a fake name.  People often say and do things hiding behind a fake name that they wouldnt if they had been using their own real name.  Many of these people have been using these fake names for years in this virtual place.  It’s called “Second Life” and they really do live their lives there in houses and cities. They have jobs and families.  They don’t always hold themselves to the same rules of society as we do.
  • Many of these people are not functioning members of society. If you wouldnt make friends with someone who is locked up for whatever reason and is on Facebook trying to make friends, why would you make friends with someone who is living in a virtual world and rarely steps outside their apartment except to get food?  They are not living in reality and as you can see from the Facebook profiles they create despite the rules saying to use a real name cant even follow simple rules when they step outside of their play world.

These may or may not be true in all cases but is just some things to think about.  Having these avatars on Facebook just adds too much confusion.  Its so bad enough that we have pedophiles using fake names on Facebook or other sites to meet teens but now we have avatar names from Second Life.  If Facebook lets them stay, what’s stopping the pedophiles from making Second Life accounts?  It will be legitimate then if they allow these avatar names to stay!

Facebook Terms of Service
Part 4.4
“You will not use Facebook if you are a convicted sex offender.”.

I can see the response now

“My real life person is a sex offender but my avatar is not.  I created an account in Second Life to use this name and I can use it on Facebook because the new terms say its ok”.

There would be no way to tell if the account was fake then because Second Life names would be validated.  That sex offender who uses a fake name now can have their account reported and have to send Facebook a copy of a picture ID to verify identity.   If they have a avatar name from Second Life then no one can question them.  Even if they recognize their picture as a sex offender they have a valid account now.

So don’t just use this site to report these profiles on Facebook.  Use it to search for avatar names when you get a freind request or are suspicious of someones name.  But please if you have time, report a few or report them all!  Share this site with your Facebook family and friends too.



(If you think of some good ways to protect from these Avatars please leave us some comments about your thoughts!)


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  1. Second Life is a scam and all it has in there are fat women and men that are career criminals that do ID theft and check forgery, and also they will try to get you into groups just betray you later hurt you and you avatar kill you maybe even in real life put you down cast you out hurt belittle you, the government needs to do something About Second Life…Like when you’re walking down the street in real life and there is a guy or two staring at you and you know you’re in for a but kicking and you feel that in Second Life, the people in there behind the Avatars are nasty ugly people that will try to pull some kind of frame game to mess you up, it use to be good I had friends and women hit on me back in 2007…Now dude it’s bad worse than in real life…Somebody needs to investigate this…Like Russian Dating Scams
    it’s the same thing and you know why there all like that in thee?
    Because there all mostly Europeans and they hate Americans that’s why, the British French German Chinese and the Russians in there
    You almost never meet anyone from the U.S
    Tell you what…You want to know what Second Life is like Watch the Movie Hostel and Hostel 2 I am Blackie Rhode or Robert A

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