The backwards world of Second Life users

If someone tells you that they are going to do something to physically hurt you, this is a threat.  But to some Second Life users, a threat is anything that they see fit.  A comment was received to this blog that says

“How dare you threaten me with your blog, fuck you and fuck your blog.  I hope you go to jail for this shit or at least I hope wordpress shuts you off.”

That comment was made by a Second Life avatar name but instead of giving them the attention they want (judging from the url they attached to the end of the message they sent) I wont show their name.

Does this person really believe that any threat is made by reporting a Facebook account that has no right to be there in the first place?  It’s how this persons mind works I guess.  They have lived in their fake world so long that they forgot the rules of the world and how things work outside Second Life.

Letting these fake Facebook profiles stay lets these avatars push their ways, ideas, and backwards world into our real world.  No thanks.  They start with petitioning Facebook to let them keep their profiles then next who knows, you might see them petitioning congress to let them buy things in real stores and pay bills using Linden dollars, their fake money in Second Life.  They’ll be making friends with your teens and kids using these fake names pretending to be somebody they are not.  They’ll be getting credit using their fake names.  Where do you find them when they default on the loan or when they post inappropriate pictures to your kids?  You will find them exactly where they belong, in Second Life with their fake Second Life name!

Don’t let these fake names continue on Facebook.  Hold Facebook to their terms and report these fake profiles now!


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