Ener Hax is a Facebook victim! You could be too!

Most societies have laws and most of them are simple. One of those laws is usually to not steal. Just imagine a minute about this. A person robs a bank and gets caught. They start themselves a fan club because they dont think this rule about not stealing is right. They want to rob banks. They set up a fan club right in the lobby of the bank they robbed and try to get everyone they can to join this club. Now take a look here at this page of a Second Life avatar who got their fake account deleted and now has made a fan page!

Ener Hax that also parades around the web as “iliveisl” and who made a post about this blog has been deluded into thinking that he is a Facebook victim. He created a fake Facebook account when the rules said not to do it, and now is a self proclaimed injured party. He even has a fan page making his deleted Facebook account into some martyr or something. Amazing.

some dork decides they are God and that they have a mission to get all avatars cancelled from Facebook. seeing as facebook values the word of hate-mongers over those of the victim (guilty till never have the chance to prove innocence)

What is a victim exactly in your imaginary world Ener Hax? When you sign up for a service breaking the TOS and they cancel your account you are the victim? Are you 14? or are you 12?

You are launching a campaign IN Facebook because you broke the Facebook terms and got busted and now you want other people to join you on your crusade to keep breaking the rules because you don’t like them?

“guilty till they never have the chance to prove innocence”

You already proved how guilty you are by telling everyone your account is fake on your fan page. DUH!

facebook deleted me cuz i am an avatar – are you an avatar? are you real? i had 3800 friends here

I am an avatar, i am not real, i know i look pretty convincingly like a real person, but don’t be fooled!

Facebook values the word of hate mongers? Its not hate to want rules to be followed. So everyone who doesnt want to be robbed by a robber is a hate monger and when the robber gets caught he must be the victim. Maybe the robber should go make a fan club for hisself in the house he robbed to get other robbers to join his cause because he thinks it shouldnt be against the rules to rob people!!

Its so simple Ener Hax. Maybe one day you will grow up past whatever school age you are and learn how to read rules that say “Facebook users provide their real names and information“. I think some 6 year olds can understand that. But I guess you have been in Second Life so long that the rules there have gone to your cartoon head and you really think you were right to make a fake account on Facebook and ignore their rules. Of course you thought it was ok, look at your fan page that cries and begs for fans to support your childish behavior and beliefs. I never seen a more pitiful display of a temper tantrum.

You are an anarchist in its most childish and primitive form. You dont play by rules and you want everyone to believe that whatever rules you break shouldnt be in place at all. You need to get a clue and you need to stop pretending like someone did something to you. You are not the victim. All the people who were fooled into thinking it was ok to create an account on Facebook with their SL avatar names because they saw you did and saw you had 3800 “friends” on your list are the real victims. Those people could have not made those accounts and not be injeapordy to have their accounts deleted too.  They maybe could have made a real life account on Facebook or not made one at all. The victims are also the people who are sucked into your fan page who really believe that it was wrong for Facebook to delete your fake profile.

You are a disgust to Second Life community and a disgust to Facebook users. I am glad your account got deleted and I hope your fan page gets deleted to. Go learn to read and comprehend so next time you join a social network site you dont get your fake account deleted when it says not to make a fake account.


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