Loquacia Loon, defender of fake profiles

On Twitter there is a account named “Loquacia Loon” who cant seem to stop tweeting about this blog.  “She” (I only say she because the Twitter picture looks like a girl.  It could very well be a man for all we know)…She seems to not understand what the word harassment means.

Harrassment the act of tormenting by continued persistent attacks and criticism

Not only is this person not being harassed, but she/he doesnt even have an entry on this blog AND is blocked on Twitter. So who is harassing who?

Loquacia typed this in Twitter

@ReportFakes Who spends their day in SL? You know nothing about me … or about any of the other people you are harassing.

This is common for SL people I am told.  They say other people harass them when they dont like what is said or want to make someone else look bad.  People who use their real names dont behave like that in my opinion. This blog only lists the names of Facebook users who are also names that are in the W-Hat database and have a Second Life key that goes to a user page. Loquacia Loon has one too even though she/he cant be found on Facebook


Its not any information that anybody cant find online.  No one is listing these profiles and telling any lies about the people who own them.  The profiles are being listed and facts are being written can not only be proved but are proved just by clicking on the link.  What are those facts?

  • The person has a Facebook profile
  • The person is using their Second Life avatar name which is linked to the Second Life website using the avatar names unique key

Its a simple thing really it is. Fact is fact is fact and more fact.  Thats not harassment. You may not like it Loquacia Loon but no its not harassment.  So you can take you crybaby routine and your jaded idea of what harassment is back inside your little virtual world.



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