Fugitive busted on Facebook

Christopher K. Crego, a fugitive from the law posted information leading to his own arrest on Facebook using his real name. The U.S. Marshalls were contacted in the state he had fled to and the criminal is now in custody.

Just imagine if this guy had only used an SL avatar name (or any fake name) instead of his real name.He would have been breaking the Facebook terms of service but he’d still be a fugitive running from the law instead of locked up behind bars.

The last thing reported to be posted on his Facebook page was a message from Capt. Richard Podgers, chief of detectives:

“It was due to your diligence in keeping us informed that now you are under arrest”

If only this guy knew about Second Life. He could have disappeared and started a new life for himself.

Who knows how many Christopher K. Crego’s are using SL avatar names on Facebook.



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