They think their rules apply outside Second Life!

A user on Facebook who is also user in Second Life with another avatar name started a conversation in Facebook.  He called to arms any Second Life users to fight back at this blog.  Why?  Because he says I am “violating the Second Life TOS”!

“We need to find out who Lucifer Midnight is, the other alts he/she uses, and get this person removed from Second Life for breaking Linden Lab’s ToS”

This is a good example of how people from Second Life don’t, cant, or wont comprehend the rules of real life. They want to bring all their ridiculous and meaningless rules into the real world.   The Second Life TOS doesn’t have any power anywhere except in Second Life!  You cannot come to Twitter or WordPress or AOL, or Yahoo, or Google or anywhere else and tell someone that they are breaking the Second Life terms of service by doing ANYTHING.  I can post chat logs, call you names, and copybot your real life car if its possible.  Linden Lab has no power here or anywhere else.

So mister B.R., if you want to use the Second Life TOS to live your life by and you want to live by those rules, stay in Second Life where those rules can be enforced (or not)!

This snapshot that I took below was public to anyone not blocked by the person on Facebook at the time I took it. I just blurred out the names since its not a avatar name.  Link here

Just because I can’t do this in Second Life doesnt mean I can’t do it outside of Second Life!  Just becase you can use a fake name to run a business in Second Life doesnt mean you can bully your way into Facebook using your fake name despite the Facebook terms of service.

Wake up Second Life users and either get back in your game or stop using fake names when the rules say to use your real name.

Everyone else…



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