Second Life Residents starving for social experience violate Facebook TOS

Second Life itself has tools for communicating with other people.  They have forums, blogs, and Second Life itself has the ability to chat in public and in private not to mention group chat.   Now they even have a Facebook type clone site called Avatars United that was made by Enemies Unknown and is part of Linden Lab now where they can make groups and mingle just like on Facebook.   You would think this would be enough but it’s not.  These fake accounts have gotten comfortable enough on Facebook to create groups there too!  Despite the TOS that clearly says that “Facebook users provide their real names and information” they flock there in numbers and setup shop making group and befriending anybody.  Take a look at some of the groups

There are over 500 results!  If you look into the groups at the members you can see many Second Life avatar names who violated the Facebook TOS by making their account.  Why don’t they use their own forums and blogs to chat and make groups? Why don’t they all flock over to Avatars United and make use of all the Facebook looking tools over there?  I’ll tell you why because they are not being stopped and no one is reporting them.

Facebook is not Second Life.  It’s for real people using real names.



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