@iliveisl Masturbation has nothing to do with it

As always expected a Second Lifer sidesteps the issue and responds with insults and lies.   Masturbation is not the topic here and I don’t care anymore for wow than I do for Second Life.  I can change my name on this blog to Fiddlydiddly Pumkpinstick it won’t change the cause.


2 Responses

  1. lol, do better research – i blogged about all this a few weeks back

    how come you can change your name here? that’s not being real – think beyond TOS

    a cause? are you facebook? that’s a pretty empty cause when it’s not yours

    well, good luck and have fun expending so much ener-gy and helping facebook to re-evaluate their policy

    Linden Lab has a lot of money and will partner with Facebook – facebook is only about money (thus data mining value of avatars is seen as low, even though people in second life spend $2 million a day)

    and good luck with Farmville and Mafia Wars, those are certainly more real than WoW or sl =)

    • Maybe you get it now. Facebook does either need to reevaluate their policy or enforce what they have now. If they are gonna ban Second Life accounts they need to ban all of them not just selected choice ones. I am just offering a way for them to see which ones are from Second Life. It’s all a matter of fact. They cant deny that its the name of a avatar if they get the link right to the Second Life page for that avatar. Lets see how they will be responding.

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