@BurnmanBedlam Who has too much time on their hands?

The Second Life metrics show that over a period of 7 days 607617 users logged in.  I wish I knew where to find the official average time spent in Second Life for this time period.  I think it would show that the majority of Second Life users have way too much time on their hands.

Second Life tops the list of minutes spent per week in online games.  Look here at another article.

1. Second Life (760)
2. Civilization IV : Beyond the Sword (668)
3. World of Warcraft (653)
4. Dark Messiah of might and magic (582)
5. Starcraft (334)
6. Civilization IV (332)
7. Half-life 2 (313)
8. Warcraft III : Reign of Chaos (213)
9. Bookworm (169)
10. Chessmaster Challenge (54)

That’s 12 hours average spent in Second Life which tops the list.  I know people who spend way more time in Second Life than that.  I guess the amount of people who have real lives balances that number out since they spend less time if any.

That’s a lot of time spent by a lot of people pretending to be someone they are not.  It’s no wonder they look at the Facebook terms of service and don’t think twice about using their fake name like it’s real when they sign up.  They use that fake name so much they probably think it’s their real name!  Do they use these fake names on loan applications? Bank accounts? Hospital records?  If you did not want anyone to know your real name for some reason and you created this fake life for yourself, if the bank let you use that fake name, you would use it!  Especially if you already had defaulted loans under your real name.  We already know there’s a slew of dishonest people running around in there copybotting and griefing.

Help them back to reality before their world completely takes over.  This is more than about Facebook, this is happening everywhere.  Give them an inch they will take the mile.

Take a few minutes out of your day and

Report these fake Facebook accounts today!


3 Responses

  1. http://burnmanbedlam.com/2010/02/facebook-avenger/

    Just like it took time for @BurnmanBedlam to bother to write that post I can ask him too what’s it to him? This is typical of these Second Life people to sidestep any issue that puts them in a bad light. Sidestep on @BurnmanBedlam Sidestep on!

    I won­der what must have hap­pened for @BurnmanBedlam, aka who knows b/c he’s anonymous, to develop such a strong disconnect from the world. I won­der why he didn’t post any of that under his real name.

  2. […] It appears that the “Face­book Avenger” replied to my post enti­tled “The Face­book Avenger” on his own site rather than at the source.  Take a look: Reply to “@BurnmanBedlam Who has too much time on their hands?” […]

  3. @BurnmanBedlam You only made my argument stronger. I can use any name to blog about this. I can use any name to report those profiles on Facebook. They are still breaking the Facebook TOS no matter who I am. Get over it and get back to your little world of fake names and people.

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