Another good reason to report fake Facebook profiles

The lack of maturity of people hiding their life behind avatars is not surprising.  Look here at some responses to Twitter

I guess when you live for years behind the mask of a cartoon life you get empowered to say whatever you want.  Change these fake names to the real names of these people and you won’t see these types of responses.  Maybe this is why Second Life is so plagued with problems of copybotting and griefing.  I guess they think since people don’t know who they are then they can do what they want.

Have a look at how the response go.  See how the people responding are mostly all Second Life avatars.  Read how rude and immature they are and ask yourself do you want these people mingling with your family on Facebook?  Facebook has rules to only allow real names for a reason.  If they are going to allow these fake names they need to change their TOS so people are not deceived into thinking that everyone on Facebook uses real names. Because you see fake profiles ARE on Facebook.

You do not see World of Warcraft players coming to Facebook making fake profiles.  You don’t see people from any games making profiles pretending that their real names ARE their game names.  If there’s some there, they need to be reported too.  This is a normal thing for Second Life people to use Facebook.  Second Life has given these misinformed people a false idea that they can break rules.  They do it in their own little world now they want to do it in ours too.  But they forgot that this is their world too.  Mabye they should rejoin it and wake up from the dream life they live in their cartoon world.

Please help us and protect your family from these anonymous people.  Report every fake profile you see on this blog to Facebook.  If you don’t know how to report them, please look at the instructions on this site.


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2 Responses

  1. You may be in error on a few points, there are some of us who were lucky enough to have our real name as our avatar name. How do you, or facebook, decide the reality of the situation?

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